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Hui Fang Yeo

Simply upgrade your Atoti library to continue using

This article will address how to continue using Atoti Community Edition when you get an error message saying your license has expired. This is something you may experience soon after Atoti has a new release.

Your license has expired, contact ActiveViam to get a new license.

Skip the license background to go straight into problem-solving.

Alternatively, watch the following YouTube video to see how you can resolve this issue.

Demystifying the license

Atoti is a free Python library, so what is this license that the exception is referring to? Well, in case you didn’t know, there is a paid version of Atoti called Atoti+ that requires a license to be issued by ActiveViam. Atoti, on the other hand, has a renewable free license.

The infographic below shows the additional features that Atoti+ brings:

Atoti vs Atoti+ features
Spoiler alert! Exciting product evolution is on the way…

Here’s what to expect from the Atoti EULA (End user license agreement), in particular, take note of the first point under the Term and Termination

Users are bounded to the Atoti EULA, that limits them to internal usage with a 1 builder and 1 viewer setup
Atoti Community edition - Terms and Termination - states that End-user can use Atoti for a period of 100 days from the date of software release. Thereafter, upgrade to a more recent version.

As a part of the Community edition’s EULA, Atoti requires regular updates by the end-user to the latest version.

This simply means that end users have to upgrade to the latest version within the given grace period. 

So, unless you’re a user paying for Atoti+, just upgrade your Atoti libraries!

And if you’re an Atoti+ user, please contact ActiveViam for a new license as directed by the exception.

Resolving the license error

The first thing to do is to check the Atoti documentation to see if there has been a recent release or a newer version since your last Atoti usage:

Check the latest version release on Atoti documentation

If so, simply upgrade. Remember, you’ll need to upgrade the Atoti plugins, such as Atoti-jupyterlab, as well if you are using any.

What you can do

1. Check your Atoti version

Run either of the commands to check your Atoti version:

  • pip list
  • conda list
Check version of Atoti installed with pip list or conda list

Time to upgrade if your Atoti version is not the latest. 

💡 If you have used pip or conda to install Atoti previously, keep to the same tool for the upgrade. E.g. in the above example, Atoti was installed using conda, so use conda to perform the upgrade.

2. Upgrade Atoti libraries

Upgrade Atoti and the plugin(s) using the below commands:

  • pip install –upgrade atoti[jupyterlab]
  • conda upgrade atoti atoti-jupyterlab

💡 When using pip for upgrade, add in the plugins that need to be upgraded in the square brackets, comma-separated.

💡 Atoti follows NEP 29 and thus, it supports Python 3.8 and above. However, avoid using Python 3.9.7 as there is a known bug in this version of python, and as such, Atoti does not support it-it will lead to a NoCompatiblePythonVersionFound error. 

3. Verify license issue is resolved

Verify that the libraries are upgraded to the latest version. Restart the notebook’s kernel before importing Atoti.

Successful import with a message reflecting the latest version of Atoti
Successful import with a message reflecting the latest version of Atoti

4. Purge cache on failure to upgrade

In the event the libraries failed to get upgraded, try purging the pip/conda cache:

Then, try re-installing Atoti again.

If all of the above still doesn’t solve your problem, reach out to us on https://github.com/atoti/atoti/discussions.

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