Top Twitter Topics by Data Scientists #19

Trending this week: Reinforcement learning combined with human feedback for better summarization; Learn perpetual view generation; 10 must-read ML blog posts.

Every week we analyze the most discussed topics on Twitter by Data Science & AI influencers.

The following topics, URLs, resources, and tweets have been automatically extracted using a topic modeling technique based on Sentence BERT, which we have enhanced to fit our use case.

Want to know more about the methodology used? Jump into this article for more details, and find the codes in this Github repository!


This week, Data Science and AI influencers on Twitter have talked about:

  • Amazing Deep Learning Applications
  • Must-Have Machine & Deep Learning Resources
  • Rise And Fall Of Cryptocurrency

The following sections provide all the details for each topic.

Amazing Deep Learning Applications

This week, influencers have shared amazing deep learning use cases involving: natural language processing and computer vision.

Ipfconline have shared:

A research paper talking about Applying Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback for Better Summarization. This paper explains how they have applied reinforcement learning from human feedback to train language models that are better at summarization. They claim their models generate summaries that are better than summaries from 10x larger models trained only with supervised learning.

A video titled “Infinite Nature: Fly into an image and explore it like a bird!”. This video is associated with a paper about a new task called Perpetual View Generation where the goal is to take an image, fly into it and explore the landscape. This amazing technology requires just one image to generate an infinite landscape that you can explore flying like a bird.

On his, side, Mike Tamir has shared a post presenting A Bot that Bird Watches so You Don’t Have To, a live nest cam monitoring with a virtual machine. This article details a project using deep learning and automation tools based on a method for 24-hour bird detection that serves as an infrastructure upon which a Twitter bot or other notification system can be built to notify users when the bird enters or leaves the nest.

Must-Have Machine & Deep Learning Resources

This week, some influencers have shared various resources on machine and deep learning: books, libraries, and research papers.

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka has shared:

An article providing a list of 10 Must-Read ML Blog Posts. This article cites a collection of high-impact blog posts on NLP / deep learning and provides associated links.

A post that provides a compilation of books, courses, and repositories recommended to get you started to Learn Machine Learning in Production.

An article listing the Best Deep Learning Books to Read in 2021. The books shared in this post will allow you to dig a little deeper into deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, and artificial intelligence.

Kirk Borne, on his side, has shared a link to a Free 500 page + book on Applications of Deep Neural Networks by Jeff Heaton. This book provides an introduction to some key machine learning and deep learning concepts and associated examples of application. A link to download the book is also provided.

Rise And Fall Of Cryptocurrency

Last few days the cryptocurrency market witnessed huge volatility. Data science and artificial intelligence influencers also shared their point of view on the crypto industry.

Alvin Foo shared an article after what happened on Wednesday, and how Crypto proved surprisingly resilient. He also shared an article talking about Elon Musk‘s Tweets that he supports Crypto in the battle against Fiat Currencies.

He also cited musk: “The true battle is between fiat & #crypto. On balance, I support the latter.”

On a similar topic, talking about digital money Andreas Staub shared an article on the promise and peril of digital money in China.

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam also shared the news of trembling cryptocurrencies. He also shared an article citing Elon Musk’s support for Crypto.