Top Twitter Topics by Data Scientists #2: 2020 Retrospective, AI Regulation & Environment

Every week we analyze the most discussed topics on Twitter by Data Science influencers.

The following topics, URLs, resources and tweets have been automatically selected by a custom topic extraction model. Want to know more? Jump at the end of this article!

This Week Overview

This week, Data Science influencers have:

  • Exhibited their interest in the CES 2021
  • Spoken about Artificial Intelligence regulations
  • Shared their thoughts about 2020 and 2021
  • Published about the environment

Here are all the details for each topic:

CES 2021

CES 2021 took place this past week from Jan 11, 2021 — Jan 14, 2021. But due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the annual electronics megashow show was completely virtual. And many influencers shared their thoughts on this year’s event.

Jean-Baptiste Lefevre shared an article from on the CES 2021, predicting 5G topics will dominate this year’s virtual conference!

Marcus Borba shared an article highlighting how Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous at this year’s CES. Harold Sinnott directly shared the live stream of the CES 2021 with his followers.

Artificial Intelligence Regulation

This week, one hot topic was about introducing regulations on Artificial Intelligence to protect individuals.

Marcus Borba tweeted about the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Action Plan released by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA), to oversee AI/ML-based medical software.

Nige Willson shared with his followers the Policy guidance on Artificial Intelligence for children published by Unicef.

2020 retrospective and projections for 2021

Data science influencers shared their thoughts about the year 2020, and as we could expect, most of them were directly or indirectly related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As an example, Alvin Foo posted a viral video showing a young child mistaking random street objects for hand sanitizers.

On other topics related to 2020, Yan Lecun shared an interesting chart showing the Electricity production in Europe in 2020 from each country and their associated carbon impact.

Regarding 2021 projections, there were a lot of retweets about Wikipedia’s 20th birthday that was celebrated on January 15th 2021. AI (@DeepLearn007) shared the 25 machine learning startups to watch in 2021. And Theodora Lau talked about how 2021 will be a catalyst for the future of financial services.


Leveraging ML and digital transformation to support and improve environmental strategy are being more and more discussed. Yves Mulkers retweeted six applications of IoT and Artificial Intelligence for environmental sustainability and shared an article on how IoT And AI can enable environmental sustainability. A cool opportunity to work remote for the British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy was also retweeted.

On the other hand, ipfconline published on how decarbonizing energy and the economy is the only logical way forward.


In order to find Twitter most discussed topics within the data science community, we created a whole pipeline combining influencers analysis, data extraction and NLP using the BERTopic Python library, a topic modeling technique that leverages:

To fit our use case we slightly revisited Marteen Gootendorst’s original BERTopic library available here and on Github. We will later publish an article detailing our methodology.

Special thanks to the atoti team for making this possible.atoti