BI analytics. Boosted.

atoti highlights

  • Analyze millions of rows on your laptop and up to several terabytes in the cloud
  • Create what-if scenarios and compare them side by side
  • Enable multi-dimensional analysis with OLAP cubes
  • Visualize data in interactive widgets without coding from Jupyter notebook
  • Share results with peers and partners
  • Explore data from atoti’s dashboarding web application or Excel

What users say:

Great python lib for exploratory data analysis, kinda your own small #Tableau right within #Jupyter notebook. Very serious backend behind, efficient RAM management (in-memory cube).

Julien LaugelChief Data Scientist

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Use cases

Getting a voice heard: Ravit Jain

Influencing data science without data science By trade, he’s not a data scientist, nor is ...
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Trending this week: EvalML library for AutoML; A graph-based text similarity measure that employs named ...
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Building a Sales Cube in atoti

We build a sales cube on top of automobile Data from the U.S. In this ...
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Sales cubes made easy with atoti ✅

We've built our own sales cube using a dataset on the U.S. automotive industry sales numbers to show you how simple it is to do!

Try it out for yourself 👉

#python #datascience #dataviz #Jupyter

Is this true or nah? 😂

#python #programming #coding #programmer #code #coder #pythonprogramming #computerscience #datascience #dataanalytics #bigdata #programminghumour #programmingmemes

How do you become a prominent figure in #datascience when you have no expertise in anything related to it? Well, @RavitJain has all the answers - because that's exactly what he's done!

Oh, and he just won an award! 🤯

atoti works with

atoti leverages several technologies such as Python, Java, Javascript and uses Conda for distribution.
It works with all major notebooks, with enhanced features for Jupyter and SageMaker.
Run it on your laptop, server or in any cloud environment.