BI analytics. Boosted.

atoti highlights

  • Analyze millions of rows on your laptop and up to several terabytes in the cloud
  • Create what-if scenarios and compare them side by side
  • Enable multi-dimensional analysis with OLAP cubes
  • Visualize data in interactive widgets without coding from Jupyter notebook
  • Share results with peers and partners
  • Explore data from atoti’s dashboarding web application or Excel

What users say:

Great python lib for exploratory data analysis, kinda your own small #Tableau right within #Jupyter notebook. Very serious backend behind, efficient RAM management (in-memory cube).

Julien LaugelChief Data Scientist

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๐Ÿ Python Web Scraping ๐Ÿ“ˆ โ€” This learning path youโ€™ll learn the core Python technologies and skills you need to build your own web scraper. Web scraping is about downloading structured data from the web and processing selected data. #python #learnpython

OLAP or RDBMS ? What are the advantages of using one or the other? How do they compare for business intelligence use cases? ๐Ÿค”

Read on to get the answers and see how #atoti augments OLAP.


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If you need to productionize your atoti #application, here is some good news: we have created a Project Template to guide you.

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atoti works with

atoti leverages several technologies such as Python, Java, Javascript and uses Conda for distribution.
It works with all major notebooks, with enhanced features for Jupyter and SageMaker.
Run it on your laptop, server or in any cloud environment.