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Retail Banking Analytics with Atoti

Make smarter decisions by analyzing consumer credit cards and risk profiles. Retail banking, otherwise known as consumer…

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Data dive: How to improve pricing strategies with a set of checkout receipts?

Brick-and-mortar retailers face more and more competition from e-commerce. Starting a war on prices is a bad...

Rapid collateral modelling and simulation with Atoti

You walk into a pawnshop with a precious Patek Philippe watch you inherited from your father that...

Automated data sampling for fast application modeling

Having a snappy, interactive experience is very important when modeling an Atoti application. In order to provide...

Atoti: interactive visualization in Python notebooks

Python notebooks are the best tool for data scientists, until they’re not. Streamlined, simple to use and...

Getting Started with Atoti

Atoti is a Python library for performing data aggregation and creating data-viz widgets such as pivot tables...
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